How can I do this with set 2 in VOR automatically?

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If I’m not mistaken, that looks like a hold not something to do with the VOR:


Here’s some information about Holding and how to do it taken from the User Guide:

Please, if I’m wrong tell me 🙂


In your case (OP) it looks like you would perform a direct entry if the purple line is where you are coming from. Im not sure if there is a way to do this automatically as I dont believe holds are programmed into the map.

I was given a hold instruction once by a Tower controller, to make left turns at my present position… After the instruction a small oval appeared on my mini map which showed me the pattern for the hold. It was fairly easy to fly it manually while referring to the oval shape to judge my position.

I dont don’t think it was possible to use autopilot for this…

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You can use a portion of the autopilot for IF holds, namely Altitude and Speed hold.
However the bank limits on the autopilot are a little shallow to properly track the hold with heading mode engaged.
That being said, a hold at your own discretion off a waypoint, or navaid is more than feasible with the autopilot fully engaged.

Here was a not so pretty last minute hold I had to do after realizing that the IF AIRAC data into RKSI is horribly out of date, and half the waypoints on the current chart did not exist in IF.

So it was just tracking the VOR inbound, then a 180 turn outbound, for 90 sec, and back in again.

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