How can I create an event page?

Hello there, I would like to know how you can create an event page for the IFC as I would like to do a Edinburgh fly-out.

Do you mean a thread for an event?

Yes, I would like to do that please

Like this?

As there’s more than one way to skin a cat, there’s plenty of ways to make an event thread. As always, I suggest taking a look at the thread below where all the critical information is listed in one place for you to see.

Do consider adding graphics and what not to make the threads stand out more, as this is something that would definitely appeal more to people who are looking for an intriguing event to partake in. Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what events you may have planned.

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In that case, this tutorial would be your best friend.

Happy event creating!

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Yes, exactly like that but a changes with the flights.

Hello Harrison,
I would also highly recommend checking this thread out for tips on formatting:

Cheers! Looking forward to seeing your event! :)

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I love how none of y’all mentioned that he can’t even create a post in #live:events due to this TL level…

You need to be TL2 (Member) to be able to post a topic in the events category. Be active and contribute to the community to reach TL2! You are currently TL1.

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To make a post in #live:events you need to be at TL2 (member) or higher. You’re currently at TL1 (basic user).

However, you can still create a group flight for your fly-out in #live:groupflights if you want to fly together with other people. They can’t be posted more than three hours in advance though, and no gates can be assigned. You can read the full category rules below to familiarise yourself with how to create a group flight:

The best example of group flights are the official “Flash Flights” by the IF staff. Use those threads as a template of sorts, and you’ll be off to a good start! I’ve linked an old thread below for you to check out:

Hello Harrison! I’ve made many events in the past, if you need any help with formatting or generally how to make one shoot me a PM and I’ll be happy to help!

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