How can i change my IFC name

IPad 8th Gen:
IOs 16.0.0:

I would like to get help of how to change your IFC name. Currentley i have Plane_Aviator In-Game and here. I remember that i chose it like 3-4 years ago. So for any mods would you be able to help me please :)

Have you changed it before? If you did not, you can change it with out any mod help.

I dont think so
How would i be able to change it?

Go to preferences under profile. The name should have a pencil icon next to it. Send a screenshot so I can see how to help.

Send a message to @moderators.

I believe this is the only way


I would contact any moderator,

But again, for a name change, contact @ moderators

Yes, I have contacted them :)

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Please PM moderators. 🙂