How can I change my gmail account payment

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently updated my Google Play account with a new Gmail address, as I have moved from Vietnam to the USA. However, I’m encountering an issue where my Infinite Flight subscription still associates with my old Vietnamese email. This problem is preventing me from making payments or updating my email within the app. Moreover, my old account from Vietnam is now unusable in the USA. I’m hoping to find some assistance to resolve this matter.

Thank you for your help!

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Hello there! Hope you are in good health.

Before helping you out, are you iOS user or Android user?

Android user.

I think it’s all about go to Play Store and switch accounts, then sync your IFC credentials and pay the subscription.

IFC and the Play Store have nothing to do with each other.

Unfortunately the Google Play store has country restrictions.

I also know Google doesn’t support transferring apps or subs from the Play Store in one country to one in another country.

The only option seems to be to buy a new sub in the right Play Store.