How can i better configure my joystick

i just bought a new joystick (TCA thrustmaster) and its not working as well as it should and i don’t want to get kicked out of my va so how can i set it up better because map connect isn’t working



There are some known connection issues with Map Connect at the moment, which may be the reason why you are struggling.

I suggest you keep up with the development of it on their thread, and ask any questions you may have over there :)


I’ve been using that same joystick for months and use LiveFlight Connect to pair it with my iPad via a PC.
It works wonderfully. I recommend using LiveFlight Connect.

What’s the delay like with LFC noticeable?

By delay you mean inertia, sensitivity or lag?
Most of the time, none.
It may rarely disconnect, but you just need to relaunch LFC. That takes a few seconds only.

Pairing issues may come from Wi-Fi signal (weak or occasional inconsistent service from internet provider).

I also recently noticed that deactivating “private address” in the Wi-Fi network settings of my iPad helped me get rid of most my issues.

On very rare occasions I need to restart my computer and/or iPad if I really can’t get the joystick to pair. But this likely comes from the fact that my computer is kept on for months without restarting it and needs to be cycled.

LFC is free so it doesn’t hurt to try if it allows you to enjoy the TCA side stick which is a marvel.

I hope this helps.

If you’re concerned your VA will kick you because you can’t connect your joystick:

  1. Try flying without joysticks. It’s a painful step back but I’m sure you’ve got the dexterity required.

  2. Consider changing VA

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Unfortunately LFC has become very unstable lately… It continually disconnecting despite restarting it multiple times… Flying with it has become unenjoyable although I have been using it for 2 years… That renders me to quit IF as i cannot fly without it…

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strange. It works fine on my end.
Try deactivating the “private adress” in your wifi network settings. It significantly reduced the amount of issues on my end.

Do you use rudder pedals to manage crosswind landings and takeoffs, or does your joystick twist to act like a rudder, and if so, how do you manage takeoffs and landings during a crosswind?

Joystick only. The Thrustmaster Airbus TCA Side Stick allows you to control rudder by twisting it.
For crosswind landings / take-offs, I use that swivel exactly as a rudder: stick into the wind and rudder the opposite side.

I recommend this tutorial

Is it not difficult, I used a joystick, until I began getting frustrated at how difficult it was to do landings or takeoffs in a crosswind, do you find it difficult?

At the beginning it may take a little time to get used to the change, like for everything.

But I now like it so much that if I have connection issues I can’t solve (very rare), I prefer not to fly at all.

It’s makes it for a much more realistic experience (especially because the joystick itself is great), and it’s much more convenient to have all cockpit controls at the top of your fingers without moving your hands.
So yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but ultimately, it’s makes IF even more enjoyable and leads you to improve your flying skills and have a more relaxed flight.

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I would really love to use my joystick, I haven’t used it in months because regardless of how hard I try, I can not master crosswinds at all, I always seem to smash it into the ground!

Didn’t that affect any security settings? Do you have an idea how to do that? Haven’t you experienced disconnections during critical phases of the flight?

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