How can I become a Advanced Server ATC

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how do they choose them? i would like to be one and… what if i do good, then people rate me then i get some kind of message letting be become a advanced ATC. how long does the process take?

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I was wondering if you could explain how people are able t rate ATC as I have not recieved a rating as of yet

Is there way I can mail you John in order to take the advance ATC test @John_Preston21

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I’d like to become ATC, so could I paticipate at the test, please ?

Test is still not available at the moment.

Is it available?

Can anyone please explain the correct way to get on advanced as I’ve done loads of atc in playground. But still cannot get into advanced cheers

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Hey bro!

The only way to get into advanced ATC is by doing a test, which consists of a written part and a practical. Unfortunately the test isn’t available at this time.

I would like to become an atc controller to.
So tell me when I can become one


How do you PM? I can’t find the button

Your not a Basic User yet. First read some posts to become a Basic User. Then click on a recruiter’s profile pic, and send them a PM. Unless their busy or something, you might get a reply very fast.

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thanks bruv

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Your welcome. :)

@CPKJ you doing a lot of necroposting today huh? Lol

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