How can I be upgraded again?

Good evening, please I need your help. I have been reported 10 minutes ago for landing without permission. Before landing I announced inbound and it was Unicom but suddenly there was someone in tower. I’m not sure ir it’s a connection problem or that someone can report you when has just taken control of tower without checking previous announcements of take off and Landings. I attached a picture where you can read in yellow that was Unicom in Tower and I was announcing I was in final runway 22.

Sorry, You can read in green letters I was announcing

Please check your logbook and contact the controller via PM if you have any concerns. Nothing can be reversed unless it was the controllers mistake, which you can discuss it in the PM

Adding on to what @Thomas_G, Said…, Your Report will stay there for 2 years I believe although you’ll be able to access Expert Server a Week from now. That means next week on Friday.

But be careful to not get more reports in the future as you may be suspended from Expert for a certain time.

Thanks but I think it’s unfair so it will make me more difficult to upgrade Grade 5 so now I’m grade 4

How are you Grade 4 when you got reported?

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Sorry but I did it correctly. I announced inbound and it was Unicom not a person in Tower

Adding on to @Captain_JR, if you think you shouldn’t have been reported, your best bet it to shoot the ATC a PM with callsign and name, so its easier for him to find you

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You still haven’t answered by Question…

You can’t possibly be G4 when you got ghosted, you’re G2 or G1, don’t remember which one you get demoted to but you can’t be Grade 4 after receiving a report. With other words, no Expert Server access for you for a whole week now…

Anyways do as @Thomas said, and PM ;)
That way you can discuss the matter and come to a resolution with the controller.

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I have tryed but system says I cannot send a personal message to that user.

Oh, that must be because you’re not TL1 yet.

You have to be TL1 to send a PM. Maybe a moderator could make this a Private Message itself.

Or one of us could set him up for a PM with the Controller or a Mod ;)

I would really appreciate. User is CR3W. Many thanks.

Sure I’ll set you up on a PM with him :)