How can I be Trust Level 1?

Hi, how can I be trust level 1 or how can I know what trust level am I, beacuse I would like to be an IFATC but when I’m doing my regristration it says that I am not trust level 1


You are currently TL0. TL1 should be relatively easy to obtain, stay active for a bit and it’ll come soon.

Good luck in the IFATC application process!


U should interact with other and yes stay in the place where everyone should be fine with u and treat others with respect spend time reading the featured post that should help u getting promoted


Thank you @Thunderbolt


Just like Thunderbolt said, you have to be active and contribute to the community in order to get TL1. This includes replying, reading the IFC, and just being active in general. It shouldn’t take very long to get to TL1. Also, if you have any questions about the IFATC application process, don’t hesitate to PM me. Good luck with your IFATC application!


Process is automatic. Does it’s thing on its own