How can I be regular?

Oh I am TL3?

You’re currently TL2. That’s Member. Regular is earned as what the people said above


Oh I see, I mixed up regular with member lol.

First of all, regular “being your dream” is

  1. Probably an overstatement
  2. Your goals should be set on helping people, not just becoming regular. Making topics about “wanting to be regular” is probably not how a regular would act imo.

While flying on IF will help for #screenshots-and-videos topics, that’s not exactly what’s going to get you to that level.

As stated before “being more active” is not going to help too much. While it’s important to be active, I’ve seen you around the community very often so activity isn’t really your problem. Some other things to make sure of is to check your grammar before posting, as that will make you sound more “responsible and helpful”

For people wanting to become regular that are not active, then yes, be more active but for you, activity isn’t your issue.

Trust me on this one, I own a discourse forum. Choosing who becomes regular and not is definitely a hard task as you don’t want to make people upset. I get it, moderators and staff. But my biggest tips are the following:

  • Make posts responsibly. Run it through if needed to check for grammar errors
  • Don’t make spam posts and topics for no reason (like this one)
  • Be inviting to new forum members

I would also recommend to take a look at this article on Discourse Blog on how mods decide to pick regulars for the community. While the IFC uses manual rather than automatic promotion, this will provide some useful information. I hope this helps and if you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll be sure to answer any questions!


You don’t want to be…


I have not been fed in a week please have me liberated

In all seriousness, its not that special to be regular. Your status isn’t determined by TL. Still the same as everyone else.


As mentioned above, becoming regular is something great to aim for and it is fantastic to see that you have this aspiration and dream.

Becoming a regular is now on a manual promotion and you have to catch the eye of the moderation and staff team. How, you may ask… well being active, creating productive topics and contributing in a positive manner to the forum is a great start.

Just be kind, help others out and continue to grow your experience on the forum and you’ll be on the right path.