How can I be regular?

Hi there. I want to ask that how to be a regular? Because it is my dream! Can anyone explain to me? Should I get into grade 3? Should I be more active? Thanks😊

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Contribute in a useful manner to the forum. Exact stat numbers and thresholds are not disclosed.


Your best bet would just remain active and helpful. Another tip is to not try and get Regular. It will often hinder your chances. The requirements aren’t shared. I’d just stay active and work hard. You’ll get there soon!


You should not “strive” to become a Regular. Your focus should be set on helping the community, regardless of the end result.

Continue to be active, helpful, and kind, and it may come your way.


And not to get flagged?

I hear that new mods are required to promote you if you ask. I’d send multiple messages to @Drummer begging him.


Yeah, let’s not do that


Well, having your posts flagged certainly doesn’t help.

Take flags as a learning experience.

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Adding on to what has been said above, these are the factors that are looked at by Moderators and Staff Members when choosing new Regulars. Positivity, Helpfulness, and Kindness go a long way.

For more information on the TL3 System, see the topic below.


Ok, thank you for all your advice!!

-from everybody

Manual promotion to TL3 comes at the discretion of the mods and/or staff. I would just say, be more than just “active” - be helpful, useful, and be a role model for other users. This doesn’t mean making more topics or being the first to reply. It means actively caring about other users and striving to make the community a better place. And all because you want to be so. Not because you want to advance your own status.

The best way to get to TL3 is do it without trying.


Also, should I read post in this forum 3 hours per day?

I think if any one want to be regular should be able to put check with 100 k USD .


No, that’s not necessary. You don’t even have to contribute a whole lot, just make sure when you do it’s effective and important contribution.


Mmmm, no but you can go in support pictures read for 30 minutes everyday join events and be you

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That won’t be necessary. Helpful replies are the best way. If we continually see helpful posts and positive attitude, you will be golden. But like stated above, you don’t want to do all of this just to get TL3. If you just keep being you and helping because you want to help, regular will follow.


Not by asking.


Is regular trust level 2 or is it something else?

It is TL3.