How can I be a CEO for a virtual airline?

I’m CEO for JetBlue on IFFG but to make it bigger I want to own it here too!!!


You need to be at least Trust Level 2 to create a virtual airline, you are only Trust Level 1. When you get to TL2, create a website for your VA, don’t just rush to put it together, make it organized and detailed. Don’t forget to include at the bare minimum established routes, and a fleet. When you are done, present it to @NEO and @Ben_Schenk over at the IFVARB (Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board). You can check out some other virtual airlines for inspiration, but make yours unique as well. Glad I could help, please do message me if you have any more questions about the process. Good night!


Thank you your a huge help


What’s IFFG btw sir??

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Hey, this may help…

No problem it’s what I like to do!

I have no idea, but i want to be in a virtual airline. It would would be awesome if someone could tell me how to contact ifvarb.


Sorry to burst your bubble but there is already a jetBlue VA (which is currently preparing for global) here on the community and I am the CEO! However, don’t let that turn you down from making a VA here of the community… just make sure its good. Best of luck :)

CEO of jetBlue VA


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