How can I avoid freezing

Please Help me. Since the new upload of IF I can use the app in my IPhone as used to be. Each flight that I have done now was freezing specially if I am in an airport with ATC and a lot of players.

Do you what caí I do with this. My iPhone is 7 plus with 132 gb in memory. I don’t know what happen

Hello mate,

The best way to improve performance is by lowering your aircraft count and graphic settings in-app. Also turning off low battery mode and anti-aliasing as well can help.


Look!!! This is my configuration Do you thing is it right or you will change something?

Thank you for your help!


If you are experiencing lagging and freezing, I would turn anti-aliasing off and also low power mode off as well as that can slow do your device.


Alright I will flight with this configuration and I will tell you if it works. Thank you!!!

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Ok i will change this config and I hope to get a good news. Thank you!!!

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Did this work out? Everything running smoothly as of now?

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