How can I apply SID’s to infinite flight?

Hey guys,
I was wondering how I could implement a SID into my flight plan. Do I just add waypoints?
Thanks guys hope I was descriptive enough.

Edit: how would I implement this map into infinite flight?

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I suggest you use fpltoif and use the add SID/STAR option and follow the FPL

You just add waypoints.

You have to manually put in the waypoints: but not all the waypoints may be there.

At some point perhaps we may have SIDS and STARS integrated into IF.

I mean not using fpltoif

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@Lil_Qaz read above

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Should this be in #support?

No, it shouldn’t.

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No this being in general is fine. #support is for technical issues with the app

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Thanks for anwsering my question @BennyBoy_Alpha I’ll ask a mod to close this.

@BennyBoy_Alpha, it’s currently in #live, but that should be fine.

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