How can I appeal for getting my violations removed

I was away while my Airbus A380 was climbing to FL320 out of London Heathrow and when I had come back to check if it was cruising on my way to Abu Dhabi but I had crashed and had gained 2 violations for reasons I don’t know about.
What can I do?


Violations are not removed unless there was some sort of technical issue with the app. What you are describing, does not sound as such I’m afraid.

What happened?
This is something you can check in the replay. Most likely a stall that caused the crash :)


You should never leave the app until 5 mins after done climbing


I left my plane climbing before and when i came back hoping to be over the pacific i was in the Californian ground

Hey Zak!

As Seb pointed out, unfortunately your violations are not subject for removal, as it is not a technical issue with the app, but rather failure to watch over your aircraft as it climbed. I suggest to never stop paying attention to the aircraft whilst it’s still climbing, as it can result in benign violations like yours. I’m sorry that there is nothing can be done.

Take care!

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Few weeks ago and i got one violation.

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