How can I add more atc operation

Hi , I want to apply at IFATC but How can get ATC operations ???


You add more operations by controlling! Quite simple, over time, really. 🙂

The more frequencies the more operations!


Control. It’s basically XP but for ATC
Also, bare in mind it takes a while to update

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Oh so I can be approach or tower and I can earn this right ? Thx

Yes. Controlling any frequency will gain you operations

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Any frequency. The more together you’ll generally get more operations.

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Thx for answering

Thx for answer

I’ll add that every clearance counts as an operation. Not really a vector.

If you plan to join IFATC, I’d recommend practicing tower and ground. It gives you less operations, but that’s what you’ll be tested on when you initially join the team.

Also, before you start controlling, watch the tutorials in #tutorials. These will help you develop good habits and knowledge before you apply for IFATC.

Good luck!

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Thanks , will do

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Actually a vector counts as an op. That’s why approach gets more ops than tower. But, quality over quantity 😉

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I will try both haha 🤪🤪

Approach is fun, but it requires a lot of trainings. As Diamond said above, if you wanna join IFATC, tower and ground is the basic and it’s pretty easy to learn :)


I’m so good at ATC
More than 7 months in training server

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I did a new account so I don’t have a lot of ATC operation

Keep controlling you’ll get 1 operation for each clearance

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