How can get to grade 3?

Hi everybody. I am currently in grade 2. How can I get to grade 3?

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You may check the grade table :)


Fly & land more is the easy answer.
For additional details of what you might need to improve upon to reach Grade 3, i recommend you review this topic;


My grade table

Try to get the violation/landing ratio below 0.50 by doing more landings, and you should be grade 3.

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So you need more landing to counter all the violations you did

The ratio is taking your violations and dividing your landings. You need to be BELOW 0.50 to meet grade 3.

You have too many violations. You need (49 violations x 2) = 98 landings without any more violations to meet the proper ratio for grade 3.You currently have 87 landings. You need 11 more landings. I would do 12 to be safe.

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The other option is to wait for all your violations to disappear, but then you would need to do more landings
So yeah what Chris said you need to do 11 more landings
So you can do some patterns or do what I do
Head to KPHX on the casual server with a F22 and just ram up the throttles, take off, land on the runways with of course low speed and yeah

Don’t focus on the grade man. Enjoy the game and you’ll get there :)


thanks everyone. I did it and I like this game !!!


Welcome to the community, just stopped by. 😉

Yes as @schyllberg stated look at this

Then my advice is to go on:

Takeoff from KHHR and land KLAX(stop fully), then end.

I started a new account because of a new email and with a month subscription I just need almost 100 landings to Grade 4

No need to post the link again when it has already been posted.

Just do some patterns at any airport, and get your landings up.

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