How can a TL2 user close a topic?

Hey, I was checking some of my old topics, and found this, this is illegal, how can a TL2 close topics?

image now look at this image

The user per screenshot used to be a moderator. That’s why they had the ability to close a topic. After they resigned, they got moved back to TL2.


Then how is @Laura TL2?

Nice title edit

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Her choice. She is an admin, that means she can do anything without needing to be TL4 😎


Probably because she’s not very active here on the forum.

I’m sure…

@Thomas_G summed it up well. Basically staff members (that means moderators, admins or both) override all TL settings and are immune to rate limits


Has your question been answered? He did not close anything as a TL2 but is a TL2 now. There was nothing illegal done.


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