How Business Class is cheaper than Economy

Hi Guys,

today I was looking for some flights to New York(just for fun) when I saw that it is cheaper to fly business class than economy. This “kind of offer” only is for ZRH-JFK.

Look at the screenshots below.
As a example I picked up the 25th December 2016 and back on the 29th December 2016.

Business Class


So, what do you think? A system failure?


Nah probably the type of fare class economy is currently selling at , might be more demand for economy then business hence why economy costs more.( I know strange , but is happens )

Let me have a look for you on the Oneworld system for you and will let you know …

Book It in the meantime ! 😏


@Aviation Okay so basically this might be a bit confusing to the untrained eye, but each letter represent a fare class and next to each letter is a number. If the number says 7 next to the letter there are more then 7 seats left in the booking class available for purchase and if there less then seven then that means there are that exact remain seats left in that fare class. Usually the first booking codes E/O will be reward seats for economy and I for business. Lets say you wanna book a flight for this time next year you are likely to find that all the booking codes will say 7 , but as each booking class get sold out the cost of the ticket for your respective class will increase as the airlines will know they can charge more as there is demand for the route. Y will usually be a fully flexible economy class ticket which you can cancel at anytime with no penalty while if you cancel a N booking class ticket you will be dealt with the 90% of your ticket being kept by the airline if you cancel. Its is also the same for business class J will be the most flexible business class ticket and D will be the cheapest business class ticket ,but will have the most restrictions. Also airline are smart an will up the cost of their tickets due to supply and demand and bump the price up a bit more just cause they can justify the Christmas rush …

(E TO Y) -Economy
( I TO J) - Business

J7 R7 D7 I5 Y7 B0 H7 K7 M7 L7 G0 V2 S2 N0 Q3 O0 E0 -AA65 ( ZRH -JFK )

J7 R7 D7 I7 Y7 B0 H7 K7 M7 L7 G7 V7 S7 N7 QG7 O7 E5 -AA64( JFK -ZRH )

So in this case AA65 which has lots of business class seats available compared to economy seats , so the only economy seats left are the expensive ones which allow the most changes to the ticked , which cost more then the cheapest business class ticket which has the most restriction.

AA64 has a lots of availability in both classes so its is definitely the AA65 flight that is causing the cost of business class to be cheaper compared to economy.

Let me know via PM if you wanna know how busy your flight will be ( Oneworld / Star Allaince airlines only ) , if you are going on holidays soon ! :)



Big thanks to you buddy! By reading your post I noticed that you really spent your time to explain me something interesting. Thank you so much. Although I’m really lots of interested at Airlines, cheap tickets, hubs, ticket systems,…etc I didn’t heard of these system.


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