How Boeing Builds a 737 in Just Nine Days

@anon7075715 A simple Google search (all of 3 seconds) and I was able to find this gem:

Be proactive and take some initiative to substantiate your comments in the community. Good Day ;)

You like Airbus, we get it. Pointing out that Airbus has more orders in every thread you can isn’t relevant. It’s certainly entirely irrelevant to this particular topic.


It’s not irrelevant at all. Airbus have more orders but Boeing produce planes quicker. For airlines which need planes quickly this is a major factor, and it was in response to the claim that Boeing are giving Airbus a run for their money. Please understand the reasoning first of all.

Scrap that, Airbus are also making A320’s quicker than Boeing.


Old habits die hard Tim! ;)

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I guess the whiny Airbus fanboys are raiding this thread. It’s about time to close this… 😐🙄

This wasn’t suppose to be a Boeing vs Airbus thread. Its the incredible fact that we can assemble such complex machines in little over a week. No doubt competition between these 2 companies has driven innovation 🤓

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