How become grade 3

Because I want a faster way to get there and I don’t know how to so can any body tell how to and I sick of grade 2 and 1 because people don’t follow the rules like that and I want a real experience from the game not a hole lot of childish


Fly long hauls and do frequent touch and goes

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I think you mean whole

You can try patterns, long hauls, or land in adverse weather.

Ok thank you and I didn’t mean to send that

No problem @marquise_carter

Ok thank you

Could you send a screenshot of your Grade Table, so we could get a better picture of which criteria you’re still missing out on. That way we can advice you on what to prioritize the most, so you can most effectively reach Grade 3 :)

Just saying Long Haul and Touch n Goes is the basis, but knowing what you need the most could be good for us to know.

Long hauls touch and goes practicing pattern work is surely going to get you a grade 3

Ok thank you I’m about to do right now

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Take it from me, it’s not that much better on the Expert server rn :D

And that’s how I got to Grade 4 ;)

The landings part is the most important and the challenging one to keep up as you get to higher grades.

For Grade 3 if I’m not mistaken, the requirement for Flight Time is 10hrs and in the past 90 days, it’s 1hr. So one flight from Beijing to LAX and you’re set for that part, but not landing which requires a bit more time from the pilot :)

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You have more violations than landings do 46 more landings to wash them off @marquise_carter


You’re fine except your landings / violations ratio. Just do some clean flights and you will be fine :)

Ok thank you

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No problem @marquise_carter 😉🙂

Well seems like the problem is solved, Touch n Goes it is then :)

Find a airport/airfield with 2 or more runways, the ore the better, and if the runways cross each other like in EHAM, then even better. Takeoff, and landing, keep all your gear down for a about 3 seconds or more, around 5 seconds should be good, and then lift off, and repeat this process.

He’ll need to do 46 landings keep in mind

Ok thank you so much for the information

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