How bad were you when you first started IF?

Hey guys ! Though it would be fun to see how stupid were things that we were doing when we first started IF 😂. Because when I think about my self it’s hilarious.

Read this :

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For my part when I first started Infinite flight. I thought remaining in the patterns means at the holdshort line 😂 so I was always announcing that when requesting takeoff.
Last but not list I was always flying with full power for my entire cruise 😅 and of course I was climbing with 6000+ VS.


I was reverse thrusting the aircraft until 320knots…


I didn’t know how flaps worked, how the controls worked, what speeds to rotate at, file a flight plan, or anything. It was quite embarrassing to say the least 😂


Me (back in 2014) when I takeoff a aircraft without flaps and land at half flaps (not full)


I knew nothing. It wasn’t until i joined the community that i started learning how to fly properly 😂


When I first started IF I just thought it was a game. I didn’t take it seriously until like 2 or 3 years ago. I just applied full thrust. I mean at least I could land a plane (at 500+ kts sometimes lol)

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I couldn’t land. I kept approaching at 190kts expecting to butter 😂


I thought the lines on the runways indicated where you took off 🤦‍♀️


Same here 😂😂

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That’s all I can say.

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Well I was approaching at 200 kias as it was the minimum for APPR😅😅


Same I was just putting the FPL from a point A to a point B

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I didn’t understand that you were actually supposed to, ya know, slow down when you were approaching the runway. Gotta love nose gear first landings, and getting stuck in the ground 🤪


I took 2 months until I realised I can’t land without flaps with 250kts. My first success was managing to land the United CRJ-200

😳🤣😂 same here I remember at the beginning having not read any tutorials a newbie, trying to take off with AP and ALT set to zero…was wondering why everyone else’s planes were flying while I always ended up in a ditch at end of runway…😭 frustrating…went to YouTube first then discover the community forum and my life changed 2600000 XP and 3700hrs 2500 landings later I am a happy camper in IF, Love this game🥰


I remember being in a 737. I thought I knew it all until I didn’t no how to turn my hud off… I also killed the engines.

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Don’t even ask:

  • I always flew a Ryanair from EGLL
  • I always used runway 27L
  • I always cruised at 10’000ft
  • I always cruised at 250knts
  • I used “Clear of all runways” every 10 seconds
  • Tunned into every unicom that came up
  • Announced inbound without a clue what I was doing

The list goes on…


Same here! I didn’t knew how to call inbound first and for example I got ghosted my first day in the expert server by Misha because I just taxied through everyone during a Flash Flight because I didn’t want to wait


Haha! That was a hard way to learn the rules…

You crack me up! I hear you

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