How bad was your worst flight?

sigh, I miss him! he had an intresting outlook on life!

Think my worse flight was over this weekend when flying EGLL-OMDB. All ok until on approach for 30R and IF started to freeze on me (this is first time it happened to me), i messed up my approach so did a GA left traffic for 30L. annoyed me that after a perfect 6.5hr flight over fantastic views nearrly bought the farm on arrival!!



If we are talking about global probably JFK-DUBAI i did not even make it to the end because I crashed, The flight went well but I started really unprofessonally like acccidentally crossing the runway I was supposed to take off on. Then ounce I started final approach all hell broke loose. I wasn’t paying attention as much as I should’ve and I got a speeding violation for going to fast under 10,000 feet. I desperatly tried to slow down the plane but it would not slow down fast enough (I pitched the nose high spoilers up flaps max trying to get the most drag I could get) eventually I managed to slow it down under 250 kts but not before getting 3 speeding violations putting me off the expert server for a day, it did not end there however. On approach to a runway the atc and I agreed for me to land at a certain runway however I turned into the glide slope to late so I was headed for the “L” runway instead of the “R” runway. I asked the controller if I could divert to “L” but he denied that so I desperatly tried to turn to “R” but the depserate intense banking caused my auto pilot to completely disengage, spiraling me out of control and crashing… I hated that final moment everything was going fine until I crashed… That was my worst global flight


haha, at the beginning of infinite flight, I did not know if there was an automatic pilot, I flew from Amsterdam to Düsseldorf without the A/P and when I wanted to go, I crashed and I was angry! (3 years ago) :)


Mine was in KLAX pre-global an f 18 struck my plane causing the autopilot to fail later game crash.


Was taking off from Honolulu with a really strong headwind. As I pushed the throttle up the wind lifted the aircraft and made it do a backflip back onto the runway.


I made a quiet flight from VVNB to VTBS, on my descent to land at VTBS my B772L did two laps before landing when I was almost there, it looks like he does not want to land himself with the APPR …? I could have crashed it was flying so low … ._.


A380 at Lukla. That’s all you need to know.


I was just flying from KFLL to RJTT and IF crashed about 8 hours in the flight. The good thing is that my stats saved.


That time when I was coming down or l and in almost zero visibility in London and I touched down only to check my little corner map and realize an aircraft was touching down on the red portion of the runway against me.
I immiedatly sped up and took off again and my gear probably passed 10-20 feet above him. I came back in to land and as I was landing I lost control of autopilot (aka accidentally clicked off appr) and nose dove for the runway.
Long story short, I ended up crashing at 200 knots into the grass right of the runway.

By the way, That aircraft landing against me and causing anear collision was on expert server (yes those days).


It was 11 out of 10 bad.

Half moon bay, busting the restricted airspace BIG time.
I was flying normally when my little puppy burst into the room to say hello… jumping all over me trying to say hello and lick my face whilst I was trying to land.


Taking of at KONT with autopilot. And directly enable the appr for 24R at KLAX


I and probably other people are experiencing this I’m sure,

Never being able to “End Flight”.

It crashes. Hoping that it’ll be fixed soon :).


Long before I got Live, my first flight on Solo was hooooorrible. It was on an AirTran 717. The takeoff wasn’t toooooo terribly bad, but a little fast. I rotated at about 220kts.

The landing though? HA!!

I approached at 240+kts with full flaps. My nose was pitched so low! I landed relatively smoothly on the nose gear, but you all know how that ends…

After a few spins, a couple of bounces, and an overshot runway, I was safely on the grass, facing almost the exact opposite way that I tried to land.

Didn’t crash though. Does that make it a good landing?


I was on final on my 12 h flight from Hamburg to LAX when some idiotic ATC Controller told me last minute to go around even though there was no plane on the runway. I tried to turn right, disabled the autopilot except for speed but I didn’t notice. So I tried to climb while losing speed which led to a stall and me crashing into the ground.


I can’t believe you crashed into the dev herself! haha!


Laura was honoured she had me crashing into her. I should be knighted.


I really hate when the ATC does this.


Landing at KSAN pre-global on TS1 after a flight from LAX in a LH Cargo 777F, On landing I did a Initial D grade drift off the runway and into the grass, I did an I’m sorry command and taxied to the gate.


I wouldn’t consider my first flight as a “flight”.


Mine? Not as bad, but to pile in, on live, landing at KNUC, one 737 would NOT get off my tail, with ATC telling them to go around 3 times! Guess it was their destiny to land?