How bad was your worst flight in IF?


I started and almost compleated my 15h Flight. I was in a final and MY IF CRAHED!


Let’s just say that diverting to a small airport that has barely enough runway due to poor time management in a MD-11 is a terrible idea.


I think my worst flight on IF was when I was preparing for an overnight and I thought I was good and then my friend who was with me texted me that I crashed. I had autopilot on and had literally no idea what happened


I did YSSY-PHNL last night. I didn’t know it was going to be as short as it was so I put myself in the biggest holding pattern I’ve ever done (really wish I took a picture). I overslept like I had expected too, checked live flight and it was like someone took purple ink and scribbled it all over Hawaii. I then proceeded to descend in a professionalish manner. While I was approaching the runway I had to let my dog out. When I returned, the ILS showed I was WAY above the glideslope. I deactivated autopilot and made a very unprofessional nose dive. I landed at an air speed of 210kn and almost swerved completely off the runway. Not a fun experience 🤣


Landed with -1000 I was thinking Good landing! (With all the wheels in the ground) this was 5 years ago🙃


EDDF - NZAA: the IF app just crashed after 14 hours :-(


It just happened. I am now a grade 1 because I fell asleep and ran out of fuel and crashed somewhere outside Chicago. I should have paid better attention. No worries though. I will be back to grade 5 in no time.


I was flying on the IFSIM while setting in the middle of the classroom of the aviation maintenance program and the instructor just walked in, in a hurry and said land that aircraft immediately and takeout your Airframe book. Nadir Hussain. So I put the spoilers on trim to -3 and flaps to 35 degrees and it was a crosswind Landing for the second time. But I stalled and descended to rapidly and crashed on the runway while most of the classroom was amazed about how realistic infinite flight is and a couple colleagues decided to download it. If they are not stuck on clash royal.


We’ve gone over this…you probably were too heavy or climbed too fast


I was responding the the topic. But ok then


Well I had the Black Box glitch, and blurry terrain 9 hours into my flight…


Great topic!

Mine was my last flight from London(EGLL) to Bangkok(VTBS) on the Training Server.

I filed my flight plan, configured weight and balance with what was recommended, plus a little extra. After requesting pushback, I was approved and told to expect rwy##(I can’t remember at the moment) Then, when I requested taxi clearance, the ground controller logged off. So, I announced my taxi and started heading to the active runway. When I was first in line, I contacted tower and requested takeoff. I was told to hold short rwy##. I held short for about 5 minutes with no incoming flights and finally thought that the controller had forgotten me, as he was clearing takeoff on another runway(with the wind, not into it).

After all this, the controller began clearing flights to land on the runway I was holding short of(again with tail winds, not the headwind). I again requested permission to take off and was still told to hold short. I then waited ten more minutes as the controller landed planes from both directions and even sometimes at the same time :D It was torture.

Finally, after at least twenty minutes of this madness, he cleared me to take off from the other end of the runway, with a tail wind and in the opposite direction of my travel. So, I taxied all the way back to the other end. I then received takeoff clearance and began my takeoff roll. At the end of the runway another plane landed on top of me. Unfortunately, this story gets worse.

I climbed out to the end of the ILS feather and then began to turn back around to connect with my planned route. I got up to the first step of my climb and things were looking pretty good. By the third step of my climb, my remaining fuel was showing I would run out about an hour before landing… I was in the B744 and had filled the tanks with what should have been a good bit more than enough, but with all the action at Heathrow, I wasn’t going to have enough fuel to finish my journey…

There is redemption though :D I went back and started the journey over and was able to complete the flight!


I had something very similar happen to me recently, except I couldn’t pull it up in time. On the way to the ground I got 6 violations and a ghosting! It wasn’t very fun :D


Story 1:

Edit: I don’t know why this replied to you but I was going from KDFW-VHHH in the 77W and just 2 minutes before landing I ran out of fuel. Luckily, I was above the glideslope (planned). I set the flaps to 15 and thought to myself “no more flaps! It’s too dangerous! I could stall easily!” but I stalled and crashed just short of the runway.

Story 2:
I was in a 737-800 and was on final to JFK runway 31L. Flaps 40, spoilers armed, glideslope captured, then I looked down at my fuel remaining and it said 5kgs in bright red. My immediate reaction, which wasn’t very smart, was to put the throttle to 100 and climb as fast as I can. Which, of course, I stalled almost immediately and crashed


How bad was my worst flight on IF?!?



I got myself pumped for a 17 hour flight from Perth to London on the Qantas 787-9. After a long 16 hours I contacted Heathrow approach, got vectors for 27L and was handed over to tower. At about 1000ft and 2-3 miles from the runway IF crashed. I was so pissed.


Oh dear i feel ur pain it happened to me on my test flight from london to sydney in B787-9. IF crashed at 50ft from Sydney 34L so pissed👿👿👿


I crashed during my landing at KDFW after flighting from Frankfurt via London Gatwick. I flew to Gatwick because I wanted to make sure that I had enough fuel to make the trip.


Frankfurt to Doha descending to Doha and for no reason my plane just dipped down for no reason. I couldnt stop it from mpving up with my device so i had to use my trim which was causing it because it was too high evem though it was only on -10. Tried to change my trim and wouldnt lift up even though my autopilot was off. And i ended up crashing. I think this was a glitch with the trim or a bug. But it needs to be fixed


another one of mine just happened this afternoon, landing on Perth with right 6 degrees of crab angle due to the sick crosswind. tried to land left main gear first then my B763 gone crazy veered to the right through grass because I can’t even straight the plane to the left using rudder hahaha