How bad was your worst flight in IF?


Way back when I flew the 717 on a regular Basis (Because that falcon livery is dope). I took off from TS1 LAX and I did a back flip in that thing. It was legendary for a bit until “Crash” popped up on my screen lol.


I had a flight from EDDF-KSFO on expert. The flight was good and terrain was good but the issue was I could not contact ATC at all approach and tower. They messaged me but I got nothing. It was likely a bug. I eventually quit my flight as I tried everything to resolve the issue and didn’t want to mess up up peoples flights circling the airport. Thankfully I was not ghosted likely because I contacted the the ATC on IFC.


I’m flying from JFK to LAX when 2 commercial jets legit come 50 feet away from my A321. Then 10 minutes later I realize there on my exact flight plan. I’m so mad, trying to keep this realistic so I slow down. And of course they slow down too. I then change altitude and they HAVE to to. I’m very upset so I just land in the nearest International Airport which is St. Louis. Guess What? THEY LAND THERE TO. I Give up on OF Life 😭😭😭


Yeah I hate when people do that. I always try to trick them when changing speed and altitude don’t work. I would do very tight but controllable turns to shake them. Half stall and half back away lol.


oh man. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. “Banned until 2041”


Late August, 2016, United 747-400, spawned on 28L at KSFO, full throttle, took off, and crashed because I didn’t know what to do, that was my first flight ever, along with my worst flight ever


Happened a few times… When you’re trying to reduce your V/S you accidentally swipe the A/P and you go diving to the ground as it wasn’t calibrated in that position.


It was my first VA flight and I had just took off and while everyone was heading to London I was circling around Frankfurt (I think) and Laura was nearby so I was spinning around wondering what was happening when Laura flew just over a couple of miles from me. Let’s just say I didn’t make London.


My flight was a Ryanair flight from STN to CIA when i was already on the descend and about 2 mins from the airport and about 2 hr 5 min flight behind the game crashed.


Let me guess: an A380


I actually did try that but they keep following me XD


I accidentally fell asleep once on a flight to Cairo while on the Training Server, when I woke up I just ended the flight. It was unexpected but the extra XP was not a problem LOL.


2015 Infinite Flight Summit Event at KASE, The winds were absolutely crazy along with the visibility going very low. Result: Crashed on landing.


Today I did VHHH to EGLL, and I thought it was going to be 13 hours 10 min. so it could be my longest IF flight, but I made it in 10 hr 33 min 😒😒😒😒😒😒👌


How fast were you going? Mach 2? I did the other way (so I had tailwinds) as a joke flight in the A333 at M 1.2 in 10 hours


When you have just flown from Toronto To KSEA and are about to land when suddenly. I may have just crashed in KSEA accidentally when I shoved my tablet down after my dog jumped on my lap


A few days ago something really hilarious happened:

I was cruising at 39,000ft on a flight from London-Dubai in the BA 777-300ER. I meant to move the camera (I was in Camera Mode 3) and I hit the ‘ALT’ button of the autopilot. I plummeted 25,000 feet and managed to avoid getting a violation by putting the spoilers in flight mode and levelling off before 10,000ft. Afterwards, I climbed back up to FL390 as still had 1750nm to go before I reached Dubai’ 😂😂😂


Hahaha, oh my gosh, were funny.


take the time to fly, if possible, otherwise the flight can be more stressful than relaxing.


Another time I was flying a United 744 from KIAH to KMIA. I was with Miami approach when my sister came in and tried to hijack my phone. She disabled the Autopilot so the 744 was out of control. I got IF assistant and the GPWS call outs so my phone yelling BANK ANGLE! and TWO LOW, GEAR! and different things. After a good 5 minutes of trying to get my phone she gave up, the 7500 was over. So apparently I climbed about about 15k and I was way down by the keys. Anyways I got back with approach and landed normally.