How bad was your worst flight in IF?


I was going Singapore to London didn’t give it enough fuel, was gone and crashed.


Go around!!! Simple…


Just happened recently, trying to turn 180’ to established on the localizer, forget that i turn of the auto throttle, stall and crashed. To top it all, I just did an 8hrs flight, smh.


Switching on the APPR during cruise by accident.


Not sure you can call trying to take off during a hurricane a flight but it basically pushed me sideways off the runway as i past V1 and into The side of a mountain.


would have been a good idea, if I still had control of my airplane ounce I realized I was spiraling out of control, it was to late, plus I had no idea that turn would do it



After the update, I’ve had some issues flying the A321. It requires now an excessive amount of positive trim, in order to minimize the sudden pitch down when disconnecting the autopilot on final. Overall, the feeling isn’t right somehow. That’s why I’ve messed up several landings.


I was gonna do a flight from KLAS- KDEN in frontier with a/p. About 55 Mins from appr I lost control of the plane and nose dives to the lake below me. For all prayers

RIP A320 Frontier Airlines ;-; I will always remember u


Whats up, IFC. I did an overnight from SBGL-LFPG a couple of nights ago but overslept by two and a half hours so when I woke up my plane was over Western Russia. I wanted to murder my alarm clock…literally!!!


well, I landed awfully at least 3 hours ago at Sydney, smack up the grass and taxiway, because I was just realized that my rudder slide didn’t move when I thought I already slide it until my thumb gets on the edge of my phone. the wind were spectacular.

damn! totally embarassed especially when it was on expert


Had to be when I flew from YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Intl.) to KDFW (Dallas Fort Worth) in the a380. The flight from pushback to take off was very routine and ended up reaching my cruise altitude of flight level 370. I had set it up before I went to sleep but when I awoke, I noticed the gear was down at 37000 feet and my ground speed dropped from I think 490kts to around 440kts. I ended up retracting it and it all went downhill from approach to landing. I started my descent about 20 minutes out from the runway and I went down to 3000 feet to establish myself on the localizer. I line up but realise the winds were pushing at around 87kts from my left however for some reason, I didn’t pick up on it. As I got closer to the runway, I drifted very far away from it and ended up landing on the grass as well as on some of the hold short ramps. After landing, I went on the taxiway and I decided to shut down all four engines and got pissed off with myself because of my unprofessional-ism.


my worst flight is just yesterday, i was flying from newark to singapore on united airlines dreamliner when the autopilot disconnect when i left my device, i got demoted from grade 3 to grade 1


How can you lose 2 ranks in 1 flight? Is that even possible?


probably the violations,but i have no idea on how my violations increased from 1 to 8 on a single flight


My 16 hour flight when at the arrival stage once I started to descend from FL320 the game crashed, 15-25 min before the flight ended, and I needed that flight for the Infinite Flight Passenger to buy the A330. It was from OMDB to KLAX and I was very mad, very very mad!


That happened to me too before! I was flying from TNCM-EHAM and I woke up over Western Russia as well. Then I turned around to divert to UUEE, and I fell asleep. Ended up crashing. Feelsbadman


If you are going to sleep fly… stay on the casual server…less Murphy’s Law decides to pay you an unwelcome visit…nuff said !!!


That’s awkward 😂😂😂😂.


Oh easy lol flying a KC-10F over Syria and my plane on auto pilot decided to fly 30kts faster under 10k, so when I came back, boom five violations later…


I was doing RKSI to EGLL and I was turning on to final and my game crashes -_- what a waste of 12 hours