How bad was your worst flight in IF?


Long story short…
I was turning on final after 12+ hour of flying time when the game crashed. Luckily got to keep the hours, but a flight without a landing is just like a void in a galaxy…meaningless.
Ohh and that flight when i got my first two violations after i looked at the clock for too long (ironically) . So as my first ever violation at grade 3 i got scared and ragequit.(this was in SoCal TS1 BTW)


Ounce I didn’t rage quit at grade 3 and I downgraded to grade 2, The feeling is heart breaking I dont know if you ever had to feel that but seeing 2 instead of 3 on my stats sucked REALLY BAD.

oh well

At least i got it back



Southwest flight from KBUR to KLAS.
Was flying uncalibrated and accidentally switched off AP, the plane began nosediving. I was way too high for approach and wanted to get my flight over with, flew too close to another plane while it was on final and I was going around. Way too embarrassed at this point and land, ATC scones on and tells me to check forums, I land and don’t even change to ground frequency when parking because I was doing so badly (forgot). Worst flight ever.


QR1370 from Cape Town to Doha. I crashed headfirst into a mountain while making an emergency landing in low visibility near swaziland.


When I was landing from JFK from MMX I had to change runways because the runway I originally planned to land on was red so when I circled around LGA to land and I went to fast landing because my game was lagging at this point and spun in circle 🤦‍♂️


I was 1 km and 500 ft to JFK from IAH. Then someone Decided to pull in front of me on the run way I was landing at. I pulled up without throttling up and stalled and banked left then crashed. It was unfortunate.


Not really bad. Just that the winds hated me and I had a rough time with speed


I was on a Cathay Pacific 747-400, during rotate, I pitched way to high about 30.
After takeoff I was climbing at a rate of VS6000, I lost speed quickly then stalled :)


Before you takeoff check the height of the airport you are leaving from and going to it helps me I never crash
How to find the height
Tap the airport a little tag will come up press that read all the information


@Danchr23 and this was on Expert or Training server?


It was on Training Server. I didn’t check who it was because I did a rage-quit afterwards 😭


Wow. That was such a long time ago that I wasn’t even here when he wasn’t banned. That’s before I joined the community (Christmas 2015)


So 2 weeks ago I was doing CYYZ-RCTP and on final I needed to calibrate my device so I did that then my plane rapidly pulled up and I stalled and crashed.


My worst flights are when I crash 🙃

Really though, not one, but two people spawned into my spot at KLAX (with global, you would think they would change their gate once they saw me!) the ATC controller ignored me, and I ran out of fuel mid-flight… 😁

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My worst one was when the weather connection failed and I was in the middle of a jet stream (I know I should have gone around it). To top it off I forgot to turn off fuel dump and ran out of fuel. So basically I was doing a vertical landing in an a380 due to the 160kt headwinds, on a grass runway and without engines!


The real question is: did you land it?
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Yeah because the thing is, when I got to about 3000ft the connection finally caught up and I started to slowly speed back up again and made a near perfect landing! Except it wasn’t perfect because by the time I touched down it was still at 90 kts and I turned slightly, and the wind nearly blew me off the runway!


setting cruise airspeed at 325kts and getting 8 speeding violations


well I feel asleep behind the yoke and obviously I woke up to find my self half way around the world when I was only going YBBN-NZZA


Hahahahahahah. Classic!