How bad was your worst flight in IF?


My was probably taking off from Melbourne (Australia) Dodging another plane and then Auto-Pilot nosie diving me into the ground (My fault probably)

Thanks! (I don’t know if this should be in live or general, I’ll just leave it here)

Worst flights

I wouldn’t know, my virtual pilot didn’t live to tell the tale…


It was probably when right after takeoff I stalled while doing a 180 turn, somehow managing to stabilize with 100% throttle and nose diving. Then on approach I landed on a taxiway with V/S of -3,000fpm and 217knots. This was on solo when it hadn’t been long since I bought the app. And the plane I was using was a A380 to top it off.


Accidentally on my first large Ocean crossing, I accidentally disabled autopilot, pulled too hard and the plane flipped over and lost 6000ft


I spawned at KNUC on TS1


Flying Sydney-Auckland (3hrs) then off to Santiago (13 hrs). I packed in 30mins extra fuel, wayyyyy not enough, Everything was going ok (Sydney-Auckland) then when I took off from Auckland over to Santiago, I had not enough fuel half way there. So I needed to divert (somehow). Then IF just crashed


Mine was I stalled after takeoff because of the strong crosswinds 😑 and I crashed at 13 ft MSL


I say mine was that I was my approach into Monterey. I was on final in the Dash when I encountered some low visibility. Now MRY has that elevated runway because of mountains n’ Stuff. I crashed on the part where the runway was elevated because I was too low.


Cruising at 8.000 feet MSL when flying from WSSS to WMKK.


A flight from Atlanta to Doha(real flight). Preparing a very detailed realistic Flight plan that took me a while. It was a 13hr flight so I start last night so I could sleep and when I wake up I would be there and land. I woke up to see my ipad off because somehow the charger cable wasn’t plugged all the way ! -_-


Every flight is my worst flight. It’s either a combination of no glasses, tired, coffee spilling on phone, daughter sitting on your shoulder like an parrot and my dog threatening to chew the couch.


I remember when Laura was testing the A320 family at an airport near KSEA. I decided to spawn in the Super D and do some patterns. Climbed out and was turning crosswind when I stalled and crashed directly into her.


Mine was when I am on final at about 1 mile to touch down, my speed fall all the way and i didnt notice it, so … :(


Skidded off the taxiway, rotated then slammed into the ground, accidentally disabled autopilot at cruise, lost 10,000 ft., crashed on final after trying to engage auto land while being above landing weight.



Ha ha! I’m sure she was happy after that. Lol.


The worst flight in IF is the flight where I see A380s at Lukla and KHAF


Every flight I made is the worst honestly. My mom interferes every time I try to land a plane.


One name. Nickchan. (for any that remember)


The time when 1st Graders say “Ready for Takeoff, Remaining in the pattern”


I had descending into KLAX from KATL, and I just couldn’t lose speed. I even pitched up and wouldn’t lose speed. I had to quit the flight, but had a great time looking at the scenery