How bad was your flight In real life-Your Worst Flight In Real Life

I know there’s a topic for the worst flights in infinite flight now I think it’s time to share our real life experiences too.

My worst flight was probably a cross wind landing at Las Vegas when the plane touched down we swirved a bit. That was probably my worst flight

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How bad was your flight In real life-Your Worst Flight In Real Life

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hello! there seems to be a topic already about real life flights under this category. this one is closed so pending moderators approval, this one should stay. here is the link to the old one: What's the scariest flight you've been on?

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Ok thanks for that

I remember I was on a flight in a small United turboprop plane, and when we landed, I thought it was a Japanese car anime.

cough cough Air koryo or whatever its called

You flew that

Just gonna use two things to describe mine. American Airlines and MIA Airport.

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As @N1DG said there is already a topic for this: What is your worst/scariest experience on a flight?

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It’s not open tho is it

I was in the middle seat on a long haul flight and the people next to me… let’s just say realeased a lot of gas for 4 hours

I stand corrected thanks

When we were flying to page az we had an alternator failure.