How autoland messed me up when I was too high

It was for a landing with a plane like that.

We all learn by mistakes ;)

I know but most of the other flights I do usually is ok.

Thanks Pete :)

I know this was just an explainer a video, but if you flared (only a little bit, otherwise the aircraft would start to gain altitude) then it would have looked amazing!

I was caught up in other things happening that I wasn’t paying attention to the altitude. I also thought around 3000ft would be ok.

I think you should enable appr. When In Line with the Runway (Maybe a few feets behind)
For the best Auto Landing experience
P.s A Good Touchdown Speed for the A320 is 125kts (MTOW) (I usual Land at 115 kts(MLW) 😉

It was way too fast for a landing like that.

Land the A320 at 135kts.

You really shouldn’t be flying when you are high anyway.


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I guarantee that in all the time you have spent flying on infinite flight you have done something similar of the sort. He said that it was bad, why watch it if its going to be bad?

Sorry to say but this is way too slow :|

I would recommend you guys to have a look at this link:

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But in AirDisasters (Aviation series) They said the slowest speed For the A320 (without stalling) with low Weight Is 112kts (The Episode with the Crash of Airfrance 296). … But I think I should Land Faster for a smoother Touchdown … Thanks for the tip

Here is a 115 kts Landing With 46.000 kg load (That’s not much Just 30passengers etc)

Muchos Gracious amigo

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And bulba, most of the people on here are alright but for the small percentage that are petty attention seekers, we can all safely ignore them.

I would like to remind everyone that weight and balance settings as well as various weather conditions are of course variable under certain circumstances so I thought it was helpful of you guys who mentioned air speeds in relation to specific weight settings. Nice to see some people feel an obligation to help in opposition to unecessary comments.

Yes that’s true but that’s the stall speed, we never land close to that speed for safety reasons they add 30% or X 1.3. So you would get 145 which actually is a bit to fast as the A320 normally lands between 134-139 knots.


Oh thanks I learned something New I will Change my Touchdown speed in the future

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I found out why the landing was so fast. If you saw my flaps where at 1 during landing I never set them to full because of complications I was having.