How autoland messed me up when I was too high

This is what happens when you are too high and use auto-land.
Here’s the the video.
I was too high for the approach.


188kts is a bit fast for an A320 eh?


Song bruzzy?

This is the worst Infinite Flight video I’ve ever seen.

@BavariaAVIATION It was an A318… 188 kts is still too fast…!


I don’t like your excessive criticism, but yeah, this video belongs to that category…

Yeah, just realized. Didn’t look too closely

It’s an A320, United.

Well you shouldn’t use auto-land if you’re too high, call a missed approach and try again

The purpose of this video is to show others what happens when you’re to high and use autoland. Therefore, the landing is obviously not going to be precise otherwise the video would be pointless. There’s no need to be so negative all of the time.


Although what Laurens said is harsh, I honestly have to agree with him. Needs some practice. Don’r come in too high or too fast. You’ll get the hang of it eventually. Try watching Laurens’ videos because they’re what you should work towards. Read up some tutorials about the use of Autoland and the correct landing speeds. Head off to the FFS and/or solo mode and practice what you’ve learned. Then go to PG or Adv and show your stuff.


The worst landing I’ve ever seen,i tell you a secret:you can reduce speed before landing,don’t tell about it anybody else,it’s a secret.Tshhhhhhhhh…

Crazy how negative people can be to someone who is still learning and don’t give me that “constructive criticism” bs because constructive criticism isn’t rude. Such a great community we have here…But I guess that’s a discussion for another thread.


Use APPR when you are already established on the ILS (if the weather is bad). Try reducing thr throttle to 0 and keep the spoilers “in flight” if you want to lose speed.

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Also dont be afraid too make a 360 or use your headin and go a little off course to lose speed. If you gonna use APPR make sure your close to where it will intercept the glide slope and localizer and etc

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TheFatRat - Monody

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Thanks all of you for helping me. I was over viewing the video and there was many things I saw that was wrong. The A320 is a plane I don’t use as much, so I’ve never got used to it. My banking was way too sharp and as many of you now on this thread that my landing was way too fast.

It was for a landing with a plane like that.

We all learn by mistakes ;)

I know but most of the other flights I do usually is ok.

Thanks Pete :)