How are .replay files encoded?

Hi, I’ve been thinking of creating a replay analyzer which will show you all the info about your flight, but before I start doing anything I need to understand how the works. I’m not good at binary, but I’ve been able to find out that, on the surface, replays files seem to be hexdumps, however once I decoded one of the replay files (xxd -r) I was met with 60 character long lines of unknown to me type of binary (60 characters per line, no spaces, with weird characters).

So my question is:
How are infinite flight replays encoded?

FBI/Mods, I’m sorry if the question or public answers to it are against something, I’m just trying to make something that hadn’t been already made.


@Alexander_Nikitin this sounds like a really cool idea, although i couldn’t possibly answer your question, I would certainly love to see this sort of feature! Great idea. I hope you get the answers you looking for.


Unless you know the algorithm they are encoded, decoded and processed with, you can’t really do anything with them. You can look through some of the Rocket League .replay file parsers, though i doubt IF’s and RL’s .replay file formats are similar.

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