How are new features decided?

I appreciate that this may seem slightly rude, however I’d like to know what is taken into account when deciding which feature is added next. It seems as though votes aren’t taken much into account as the C208 has only 130 votes and other aircraft are much more popular, such as the ATR with 1200 votes (nearly 1000 times more) of the A320NEO family with a similar number of votes.

Again, I don’t mean to be rude at all I just would like an insight to how this is decided


The votes alone do not guarantee the next features but they do play a big role in the process. Another contributing factor is staff picks. Plus you need to remember infinite flight is a mobile flight sim for phones and iPads if you add two many features such as Msfs their might be a chance that it might be too much for the devices.


This blog article Jason wrote a couple of years ago will never get old :)


This is an interesting read, thanks

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To be completely honest, the community doesn’t know what’s best for the game. If it was just based on community popularity, it would just be big airliners and the biggest features, whilst forgetting all the little things that make the game so great, the need to cater to all users of Infinite Flight (and to get more people from outside the community to join), and how many times we don’t understand how great a certain feature can be until we get it! And to a certain extent, they do listen to the community (ex. poll for A380 vs 767), but just 100% basing it off what the community wants is not a strategy for success when many times, the community doesn’t really understand what they want until they have it in their hands.


This is a beautiful comment, and you are right indeed. I’m happy that the next rework will be something different than a jet.

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Yes definitely very happy to see a Turboprop rework!


And in addition to new or remodeled aircraft, it would be nice to add graphic improvements (terrain, volume clouds, dynamic lighting…). I see other simulators like RFS, for example, that with a worse graphic engine have all these additions. I don’t understand what the problem is with infinite flight and its “project metal” that years after announcing I don’t see that the simulator has improved graphically.


They rely on us forgetting about such ‘announcements.’ And that is the insulting part.


I absolutely understand that’s not in the developers responsibility, nor is there a rule that prescribes keeping the customers in the loop. Fact.

However it’s 2024 and people nowadays are used to stay in close loop of how developers enhance their product and which features they can expect. That’s a great achievement but not new in particular.

Nevertheless I personally can’t understand the tremendous span of timelines how we, the community, receive information and updates.
Yes, there are article like mentioned by schyllberg and that things are planned and gonna be happen. But looking at the point where Project Metal was introduced and what happened until today is everything but not transparent in regards of what is happening. Don’t get me wrong: we know that many of the features that we have today weren’t be possible without the new code. But why can’t we see how things improve in regards to the graphic engine? There must be progress and results that show new things that boost IF in its current state up to the standards we’re seeing out there.

If these WIPs are labeled as such I think everyone will be fine and also aware that things are always going to be as a status of being changed.

On the one hand side IF is engaging with its community as many other companies do not nearly close to this. On the other side it feels like that really game changing things are only get released to the community close to release. That’s unsatisfying in my opinion.

Some food for thought. Maybe it’s possible to change things slightly in future communication.



Don’t get me wrong here. But I don’t think you understand the complexity of it either (I don’t, but i trust the people saying it is) hence explaining it would be like reading a completely different language for most of us.

And not saying you haven’t seen improvements would be a lie. Not a deliberate one though. Some things you just don’t think about…

3 things listed below that would not have been possible without the progress that “Project Metal” has brought;

  • Cirrus clouds
  • 3D Buildings
  • Taxiway lighting

And this is just the beginning…


You need to read carefully, that’s exactly what I’ve written:

Agree. But I’m not talking about complexity. Neither your part nor is anyone interested in how things work. I want a coffee: I need a coffee machine. So I’m not interested of how this machine is serving me what I want or need.

But let’s not get philosophical, the only thing I was asking for, and I assume many others are also interested: why is it not considered to see enhancements in regards to the graphics (shading, atmosphere etc). I remember Jason was talking about this in one of his latest posts or comments on IG, that many things will change in 2024 (again). But why no appetizers sir. Is there a reason for this?


My reply was initially intended for you, then you deleted yours and then reposted with some modification so I just left it like that :)

Because it’s constantly being tweaked, changed and what not. And while I personally and probably several others such as yourself within this Community understand that things work that way, a lot of people don’t. They interpret things as “this is how it will be and that’s promised to date X” and it doesn’t pan out as expected - the same people goes ballistic.

This will probably hit a bad note for some people, but our Community is generally not mature enough for that level of information. Hence we only share things when we know it will be included in a release in the nearby future. We’ve learned from our mistakes that way.


Thanks, for pointing out.

Yep, I replied to the wrong comment. So I fixed it.

Reasonable. As I said, it’s up to the company how they decide and do com. But, you may also consider that a feature, especially if it’s already being in good shape, and it’s not shared with the community might lead to customers changing sides to competitors. Only because they don’t see the progress that is already happening behind the scenes.

IF has a strong community and a very high loyalty. However software is a fast business. You know it.

Fingers crossed 🤞 staff is doing it the right way. Thanks.


This is the biggest TRUTH statement ive seen on this forum in a long time. I couldnt agree more.


Unfortunately there is (or maybe was) a strong part of mature users in IF that would’ve loved to see the progress. But it seems that these group isn’t the majority anymore.


I’m still surprised they didn’t add the a320neo or 737max

Thanks for the feedback here. I’ve read all of it.

One thing I want to add to these thoughts is that what you said above also works in reverse. We said we were adding the A380 and that it had the potential to take much longer than our average narrow or even wide-body aircraft. The people rejoiced. Now, about a year later, the people are VERY tired of waiting. It wouldn’t have mattered how we communicated or shared, everyone is going to have a different view of it. It’s the same for any marketing strategy.

Another example is our new atmosphere and volumetric clouds. It’s no secret that everyone (including us) want this very badly. And to illustrate why we haven’t shared any visuals… we were hoping to share this LAST YEAR at FlightSimExpo as a sneak peek. That’s June of 2023. If we had done that, knowing what we know now about the complexity and challenges we’d face, while not having a desktop product to draw tech from, it would have been disastrous in the community. Cause it looked amazing last year.

I enjoy these threads and it gives us things to talk about. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and we’ll continue to discuss new ways to keep the community in the loop. That said, we’ve tried being painfully transparent, and keeping things close to our chest. Both ways work great, and work terribly. :)

PS: we’ve recently gone through some challenging community times, and people are tired of waiting for the A380… Subscriptions are up.


Sorry if I misunderstood this, but does that mean that IF Pro is going to raise in price?

Of course I understand why that would be true, but just a simple question if it’s true

No. As in… there was an increase in number of people subscribing (contrary to the popular angry comment that people are leaving IF in droves).