How are liveries created?

I just wanted to know how are liveries created?
Also is there a way i can design liveries?

because i know the IF staff has a lot to handle and would like an extra hand?[/spoiler]


The development team are not taking in anymore people to help develop aircraft / liveries unfortunately. They choose special and responsible people to help with the development.


Yeah i figured
but i am interested in knowin how are they are created
If it is confidenitial no bigggie it is fine

Are the mods friends and stuff btw?

I believe to create the aircraft they use Blender, not sure about the liveries. Most likely blender too.

Pretty sure they have good relations haha

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Ah well that answers it

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In some aircraft you can see a “cube” which displays the aircraft livery template… A few examples are the Space Shuttle on the back of our 747 or the CCX.
I would bet they use Photoshop (as I use this when designing liveries for other sims) or Blender, as @Kamryn said.

Cheers 😊


Actually… they use 3Ds max from Autodesk for modelling the planes.


As Infinite Flight doesn’t allow for third-party designs, this isn’t possible. However, you can do it for fun! Be sure to check out the topic I’ve linked below!


Here you go, not confidential at all.


Ooo blender. Not a bad choice!

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It would be nice if we could make our own liveries.


well theres a feature request for it OpenSource Livery Templates

Too bad we had to wait for much longer for this to come :l

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They use 3D Max for create the models, and then use Photoshop for the liveries.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they move to blender, as it’s free, and easy to use. 🙂

Sorry bumping this topic!

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