How are FNFs decided?

I’ve always been wondering (and I’m sure many others do too) about how the weekly FNF destination is decided. Is it just a Slack group chat between Misha and IFATC members?

By polls and Airport suggestions here on the forum, If you type FNF in the seach section you will find out :)

It will also happen here today, so stay tuned

Misha decides most FNF’s. Once in a while Misha will let the community decide FNF, like a couple weeks ago


Isn’t the polls like once a month? And the rest Misha decides.


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To my very limited knowledge of putting discussions together with Misha, random conversations that happen in the IFC, and the polls…

He has a basic plan of FNF’s that is at least a few weeks out with built in times to have the community decide as well as sometimes working with various VA’s for a VA FNF every few weeks.

It’s been a good mix up of different airports, and highlighting different areas.

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Hall monitors? Try regulars who know what the purpose of the IFC and this topic is.


I mean, go does a good job. I haven’t seen any complaints from very many people. Every week we get some new destination to help us explore the world, so what’s wrong with there being only one person if he actually knows what he’s doing?

It is my job as Infinite Flight staff to do widespread events hosted by Infinite Flight. This is the key here. They are events where the whole purpose is that details are decided internally, but is for the benefit of the community. It is like a real-world aviation event; attendees rarely decide the location.

As noted, once a month the community decides the FNF. This is a luxury in itself, as planning a Friday Night Flight takes a lot of time and effort to produce a high-quality event, and this community decision delays the process a lot. Despite this, it is included to make the events more inclusive. This also makes the decision by myself 75% of the time, not 90%.

The FNF is the one event that is decided internally per week. There are many others found in #live:events that are not, making the total number of events decided by staff and staff alone around 3% of all events on the simulator. This incredibly low number speaks for itself.

If you actually want to know how a FNF is decided by myself, I will happily explain in detail.


Do you have a queue of FNFs ready for specific regions or do you create them once you get the ATC schedule?

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Right now I have them planned up until the second week of June, then Tyler fits the ATC schedule around them. I also track the location of all historic FNFs back to when they first started up until the latest event, including the incidences of how many times a location is used. This helps to ensure all areas of the world are utilised.

Occasionally it may work best to switch the FNFs around if Tyler wants to accommodate something in the ATC schedule.


Incidentally, this is also why the community vote can complicate things. If the best suggestions are ones already planned soon, and the vote then picks one of these, it means I have to plan a new FNF for the week taken by the community vote. This also means Tyler then has to plan around that sudden change for his schedule. This then has a knock on effect on future schedules as planned locations may be used for the FNF.

To help with this, the final choice for the vote is picked internally.


That’s pretty cool. People don’t realize how much planning it actually takes to organize these event and how much thought goes into them.


I apologize if I offended you - I simply was shocked by the amount of control you have. And the 3% of events are the ones that MOST people attend - the important and active ones. The hundreds of small, irrelevant events get little to no attention.

That’s not at all true. There have been some fairly large events arranged by community members. FNF is a community wide event that has a time block, not a specified time and specified routes to fly. That is what makes it so successful. That and they always get ATC coverage.


I’m surprised with the amount of control my boss has at work. I mean, he’s one person, but he always gets to set the meeting agendas. He always gets to hand out assignments and staff positions; set due dates and deadlines.

Shouldn’t there be, like, an office vote on who the next CFO is or something, just so the wealth gets spread around? Every other week, we should all get to take turns working in his office and handing down orders.



Because, like, this is so relevant to the topic…

Because, like, that is exactly what they were saying put into a real world scenario.

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Heaven forbid a paying customer would want any say in the product he is using. It’s in no way similar to working for someone.