How and where do i see my active subscriptions

Dear IF community,

I had to uninstall the IF app, and i re-downloaded it, but the subscription isn’t there anymore, i would like to know if the subscriptions are deleted when you delete IF, and if not, where do i see if i have any active ones.
I just don’t want to pay once again, when i didn’t know another subscription was running in the background.

thank you,
sorry, i’m bad at tech stuff.

Nope just sign in again with your respective account from google or Facebook.

It shouldn’t let you anyway as long as you use the same account because it will say that you already have it.

Adding to what Chatta said, take a look at the websites linked below to find out how to view and edit all of your subscriptions.

View, change, or cancel Google PlayStore subscription

View, change, or cancel Apple Store subscription


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