How am I still getting such bad app crashes?

Brand new iPad and I’m still crashing if the airport is populated. This has been going on for years and makes me not want to play the game anymore.

15 mins doing flight path push back checks everything then bam, start again.

A bit sick of it.


What are your settings?

I believe this is a known issue with IOS after the update they are prob gonna fix it in the next update and try to crank down ur game setting for now until a fix is found

Max everything.

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They’ve been saying this for a few years now…

What’s ur ipad and lower ur setting

And no I don’t think so everyone encounter performance issue after the update and before the update everything works

I don’t recommend that. Try a touch lower and if that doesn’t work lower your rendering (I think that’s possible)

I’ve had this issue for at least 2-3 years and I’ve seen multiple posts saying the same.

It’s a brand new iPad mate. If it can’t run the game in max settings then that’s a dev issue.


Not with android I don’t use iOS so I can’t replicate the issue

As I said the update has caused a couple of performance issue so crank down ur game setting for now

My app crashed at London while I taxied to the gate but I hate it when it crashes on final or on approach after a long haul flight 😑

I agree - I would buy an even newer iPad if it would help. But clearly, hardware is far from the issue here.

I fully support the devs and really really hope they are working on a fix soon. I am in the TestFlight group and submitting tons of reports as they happen. I hope the group is getting some good data.

Definitely showing my dedication by still sticking around. I (sigh… moment of silence) let my grade five slide down to a three due to this issue, taking a break, and not wanting to play - I hope grade three doesn’t slide then into a goodbye ceremony.

I love the community here. It’s amazing. So amazing that I think; It is a fool’s errand to continue to subject iOS users to this issue. I understand it is not a faucet that can be spun in the direction we all want - there are many moving parts, people, and a platform that must be kept online all while keeping things moving correctly.

Although if this issue ends up taking longer to fix than Boeing did fixing the 737 MAX issues after grounding, and we put a man on the moon in 1969 with 64k (kilobytes) of memory - then something needs to happen, fast. Seek outside help, pay someone…? There has to be an operationally sound solution here. I also understand how things go wrong, oh boy a bird crapped on my shoulder the very first day I got a job where I had to wear a suit… lol… stuff happens, a lot, and all at once. So get to the dry cleaners!

I hate to pour it on, and I really do - however, like many IF users who are just told to “turn down the settings”, that in itself is something that needs to stop. It’s frustrating and patronizing watching others, and also being told over the years this very thing despite running settings well within the device’s normal performance envelope. I understand it is the current “best guidance” when what we need to move to is a best practice.

If you follow a lot of the past posts regarding this issue, they usually have a timeline that will replicate itself over and over. It doesn’t take much time to string them all together until your brain says “wait a minute, here…”

Turned settings all the way down? Okay!! powerful awesome built simulator that’s been given much love by many looking like a its being run on a Intel Pentium II clocked at 3.00 Megahertz (yes mega, not giga - which cost $1,981 at release by the way fun fact), is it all nice and pixelated?

Not like that sweet, sweet beautiful-when-working IF that’s polished, staffed with epic contollers vectoring 128 planes into EHAM with wind-gusting 230@313kts (well feels like 313 kts when you’re landing in view of some of the world’s best pilots (us) with that BRIGHT RED METAR that gives you nightmares that your secretly love, you can spin the camera around in the external view without fear, and give that pilot in that aircraft beside you on that parallel final approach a big nod (is there no better feeling when it’s busy on ES and you’ve been setup in one of these by an IFATC officer, or am I crazy!?) …you can give that pilot a big tip-o-the-hat without fear of being jolted back to the iOS home screen like a bad bad dream. “Another landing lost, another hope, and dream banished away.”

Okay Okay Okay!! - Yes! …okay well yes, doing this helps reduce crashes - does nothing to eliminate them all together, and if anything they’ve gotten worse with development pushing on, somehow along side the ever increasing crash rate on iOS. I’ve still had it crash with everything set to low (even I didn’t believe it).

Talk about a rock and a hard place.

Despite how this message probably sounds, I hope you guys squash this bug - I mean I really do. I have bought like 3 iPad’s to play this game… I have a good computer with MSFS etc and yeah those are great and have their uses, but nothing beats picking up IF and doing a group flight, events, those crazy final approaches, random stream with 0-8 viewers, and you know - the unspoke landing competition that’s going on between all pilots whether people admit or not at all times at all airports whenever there are landings to be seen!! lol… y’all doing it, same. Seriously though, I’ve met so many amazing people on here and hope to meet many more. I’ll probably hang on to this sim for longer than I should, probably a while, unless the crashes get worse, or I shudder buy an Android tablet. Not going to lie, why haven’t I just done that yet? They are cheaper even? lol sigh

…like whoever does it, whoever fixes this bug should be instantly receiving Infinite Flight Ultra Mega Diamond Ruby Gold Captain status with a gold diamond ruby coloured BRIGHT flashing flight tag that everyone flying in the world can see. I want to see this Diamon Ruby Gold Captain myself, and I want them to know that I do care that you’re 8,120nm away from me and also 4,928nm away from your destination! …and I do care that you’re going 511kts per second. I care because you fixed the bug. That’s why.

post begins having letter to Santa vibe in plea for fix … So whoever you may be… please fix that awful bug, and code yourself a flashing bright username, I’ll even pay to see it… $4 a month extra, sure - person with the flashing username better be flying the first time I use it though… haha seriously, good luck, keep moving along - you can get by anything with flowing capital and a flowing fountain of ideas (just look at Boeing, and I love Boeing!), because y’all are awesome and I know working hard. It’s impressive to use the sim in certain conditions, and even more impressive when you GREASE A LANDING IN FRONT OF A BUNCH OF AIRCRAFT PERFORMING LAHSO!!

Thanks for reading.

Maybe just an update? Crack the door a little?

Think about it.

Who else wants a flashing username with effects after reading that? I do!!

Who complains about crashes while comedically requesting more textures? I do!! Sorry, sorry everyone though just blowing off some steam… won’t happen again, but even a good egg cracks… y’all iOS users know what I mean though… it’s all going good… epic flight… 50, 40, 30… IOS ICONS… moment of silence… and yeah I googled that LAHSO part - I knew there would be an acronym just like it - you can always count on aviation for stuff like that… ahh…


I can not believe you took the time and effort to type that. But I agree.

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haha it’s quite the blob of text I must admit.

…seriously tho I used voice to text for a solid 85% of it

after crashing on final, medium settings, low airplane count

also lost the atc audio when close to/during the landing phase of flight which is a new one (bug) that’s pretty consistent and in some instances able to be fixed with a few random actions

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The fact that it just happened to me makes me furious at this point!!!

I’ll be honest infinite flight in my opinion is one of the worst flight sims now. I moved to another flight sim and never lags or crashes. Infinite flight needs to fix the bugs honestly.

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Yes I agree since I have stopped playing because of this. I understand if they may not have found a fix yet, but they should maybe give an update on where they are since it’s been nearly a month since Schyllberg’s post about it. I have a yearly subscription active and many people who have one should be able to use it since they are paying for it.

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