How am I already 30 minutes from grade 2?

Hey! I recently made my return to IF. I have completed 2 IFR flights KBDL-KCMH and Amsterdam-London. I have no clue how but I only need 30 flight minutes and I am back to grade 2. I am very excited to make a return to the Professional Server.


Welcome back ! :smiley:

Welcome back! Glad to see a returning player. šŸ˜€

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Welcome back! šŸ˜„

Is he asking a question or just stating his return?
Anyway, Welcome back?

Iā€™m on the same situation but only 3 hours away from grade 3

I think he is only happy

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Same! Iā€™m currently en route to KFLL from CYUL, so I can reach the 90 days flight requirement.

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Same here! Reached Grade 2 again after flying Lyon-Heathrow. Now Iā€™m finishing off the 10 hours to get to Grade 3, en route from KMIA to EGLL

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Welcome back!šŸ˜²

Welcome back!šŸ¤— I also just returned to IF and I only need to do 1hr more of flying and Iā€™m back on TS!

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