How am I able to save fuel?

Hi guys, I’m currently flying VVCR to UNNT in an A319. I have just over 3hrs left of the flight and I have only 2hrs 50mins of fuel. How would you guys suggest I save fuel before landing?

I do not think there is really any need. Once you begin descent engine power will reduce speed and save fuel.

You can also hold beginning descent for a while and do an emergency descent.


ok that sounds like a good idea

but I will run out of fuel 30 mins before I land

Before you said you would run out 10 minutes before landing?

I never said that. I said i had over 3hrs of fuel. 3hrs 15mins to be exact

You’ve still got quite a ways to go. Wait for your fuel to burn down (which it will), and you will lose weight, thus reducing the amount of engine power needed. I will also recommend that you follow the advice on the first response, it seems as though it should help you.



However, if it gets very bad for whatever reason
just Divert

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How heavy are you, how fast are you flying, and at what altitude?

36,000ft MSL and I have 10000kg of fuel left

what’s your load percentage and speed?

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51% of fuel

no, your total load percentage. and also your speed (lol)

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speed is M1.00 and idk load percentage

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that is much too fast reduce to .78 or .79 and you’ll probably increase your fuel economy by 70%


Why are you going Mach 1?


Idk because I am in a rush to go somewhere after

That’s probably the stem of your fuel issue, as @AndrewWu said. If you’re really in a rush, just divert.


If you’re in that much of a rush just divert somewhere else, or if you are insistent on finishing this flight slow down to a speed which gets you just enough fuel (probably 0.9).


Alright I’ll slow down a little