How Airlines Schedule Flights

I rarely post in here nowadays. But I think this video is very informative in explaining of how airlines make schedule of their flights. Once again, it’s a very informative and brilliant video from Wendover Productions 😊


Wow it’s been 2 weeks since his last video? Time flies!

Wendover is awesome


I really enjoy his videos!

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Thats really interesting. Interesting to know about how the hubs differentiate between east/west and north/south traffic, as well as those going to other continents/regions

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Wendover is the best, I have seen all of his videos. This one surely will be just as good as the last! Also it is a very interesting topic.


He is awesome you learn something new everyd 2 weeks

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Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!

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I love the channel too. Wendover Productions make wonderful videos.

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Also, you can’t forget about American’s hub at JFK too
But this is a very informative video, especially learning about Abu Dhabi hub in the Middle East, and WestJet’s scissor hub in St. Johns!


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