How Airbus is supporting mosquito control in Florida


The Florida Keys Mosquito Control District (FKMCD) has welcomed the arrival of two new helicopters that are now ready to join the organization’s daily battle against airborne pests and the potential for mosquito-borne disease.

The two Airbus H125 aircraft arrived recently at the FKMCD operations center at Marathon Airport. The helicopters join FKMCD’s current inventory of four Bell helicopters and two fixed-wing aircraft.

More than 1,400 H125s are currently in service worldwide and are used primarily for high-performance missions in high and hot conditions. In addition to its power and versatility, the H125 is known for its advanced safety features and low maintenance costs.

The H125’s come to the district equipped and ready to distribute both granular and liquid pest control products that are crucial in controlling local mosquito populations. Their increased payload capacity, airspeed and enhanced safety features make them welcome additions to the Florida Keys Mosquito Control fleet.

Andrea Leal, executive director of the FKMCD, said: “The district is very excited to add these helicopters to our fleet and expect immediate positive impacts to our mission.”

They operate Bell 206L3, and two fixed-winged Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander



Wait… they go around spraying mosquitoes? That sounds very interesting I wouldn’t have thought it would be from the air but it makes sense.

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No @Sashaz55, they spray repellent.

I’m surprised that this is an actual thing.

I was just in the Keys! Yeah I actually heard that these were coming. What a coincidence that you posted this! It’s pretty neat

The one thing Airbus did 😂


How could you spray a bunch of chemicals everywhere like that? People have to breathe too.

Welcome to 2020:

Big company welcomes fleet of helicopters to manage mosquitoes 🦟 😂


This is big brain company time 😂

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We need to send them to Russia and Croatia… Been ravaged by them.

Finally, I wont have to fear going outside without being attacked by these pests.

Unfortunately, us Floridians have to deal with chemical aerosols being dropped from helicopters on us. 😀 I’ll take the mosquito bite before being sprayed with repellent

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Yeah me too.

Always an interesting read, missed a few probably

Agreed. I’d rather be bitten a couple of times each year (only females bite and they are far fewer in number actually) over having to potentially breath chemically sprayed air.

If I wasn’t driving my classic truck out I’d respond I’ll respond soon lol

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