How accurate is your Landing? [Poll]

  • Perfect
  • Crash Land half the time
  • I barely make it to the runway

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I usually touch down with less then -200 ft/min.

To be fair, I do mess up sometimes (No one is perfect after all).

Best, Boeing707


The poll could probably use a category such as “Land well almost every time but crash when distracted or goofing around in the interface”


How about an in between… Most of my landings in live aren’t perfect, but I rarely crash land…


None of the above

@Thomas_Hense So what do yo do mate in IF. Just atc??

Most of my landings are not perfect, I almost never crash land, and I always make the runway. So none of the above :)

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@Thomas_Hense FairPlay dude.

sometimes i nail it beautifully and others not so good…but so far always on the runway…my favourites to land are B777,B737 and A380

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@AviationJunkie 😆 That’s what you get when dodgy atc multi tasking. 😆😆😆😆

Each landing is different for me :smile:

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