How accurate is the terrain in Denver region?

Recently Ive been flying a lot on the Denver region(mainly in and around the Aspen and Eagle airports) and my question is to how accurate is the terrain around these hubs? Ive never been to either airport in person so was just curious as to the terrain in the sim vs real life and if the approach/departure procedures would be the same.

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I suppose @StikLover2 knows this ;)

No but seriously it seems pretty accurate comparing with IRL charts…

@Matt_B might have an idea.

The terrain is from RL data so it should be pretty accurate

Takeoff from runway 25
Real life photo

IF photo

Pretty accurate

You can perfectly sync it with foreflight.

Yeah definitely…there was a competition last week for the Olympics where they had to find a mountain…did it no problem.

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As a Coloradan, I can tell you that it is pretty accurate. The Devs really did a great job with that region!