How accurate are IF physics?

I’m wondering how accurate IF would be to, lets say real life. Are plane physics correct or somewhat inaccurate? I know the old planes are terrible, but for the new planes?

All the aircraft reworked in the past 2 years (give or take) have fully accurate physics. Infinite Flight sources some their information from real world pilots on a given aircraft and also have pilots who fly the real counterparts of those aircraft test the physics model to see if it is true-to-life.


The reworked and new aircraft is tested by some of the real world pilots. It’s really hard to get the physics of a certain model just right. Infinite Flight is also one of the best mobile flight simulators in terms of physics from the ratings and reviews of other aviators. They are very accurate. 👍


There was a post here in the forum by one of our community member, I’ve forgotten who perhaps a fellow IFC could find it for me, about this senior 777 pilot that he asked to try out IF’s 777 and the pilot said it was pretty good minus the availability of the auto-thrust settings, throttle at the time was a bit over powered said the senior 777 Captain but the feel was overall impressive nonetheless. Hope 20.1 is even better!


This was most likely @Heavydriver who has been working hand in hand with the Team to help make this update amazing in terms of the 777


I really hope they rework all planes before adding new ones.


The physics are great it is just the sensitivity that is off sometimes, but of course you can change it to suit you!

YES! Me too

The physics for the most aircraft, such as GA and Boeing are pretty good, however unfortunately Airbus isn’t really possible to mimic, as we don’t have fly be wire logic, and like will never have it as it is a very difficult thing to program.

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I strongly agree with you @First_Officer_Lee

The physics are accurate for the data that the team is provided in terms of fuel burn, aircraft behaviour and more. However, data outside of the normal operating envelope may not be correct; not just in Infinite Flight but in other simulators too. Data outside the normal operating envelope includes very ‘awkward’ configurations which are not typically used in the normal operation of the aircraft. This may include something like using flaps at 35,000 feet as well as some interesting takeoff configurations like a flap zero at a high altitude airport with with high wind. There is no data available for these ‘awkward’ circumstances, so the simulator ‘guesstimates’ what values for the flight dynamics to use.

What is guesstimating in terms of flight physics? It’s using data which they do have (and is indeed accurate) to fill in the gaps where they do not have data for, such as the awkward scenarios I’ve described above. The team may have data for a flap 1 setting for takeoff, but not a flap 0, so the simulator guesstimates what a flap zero takeoff may be in terms of the flight characteristics. This is an incredibly tough thing to program, and unfortunately there is no way to actually verify if this data is accurate. The team could buy a simulator package directly from Boeing for example (which costs hundreds of thousands, at the very least) but for a mobile flight simulator, this kind of accuracy is not needed. In fact, I do not think any desktop simulators use those official figures; it’s only really needed for professional full-motion simulators airlines use to train their pilots.

In the end, if you are not performing anything outside of the normal flight envelope, then yes, the figures are mostly accurate. In fact, I was just flying the B772 with a certain configuration and asked heavydriver if a certain behaviour was normal, who confirmed that it was. It’s incredible how accurate Infinite Flight is compared to real-life and that we have real-world pilots who help the development team to create the most realistic performing aircraft.


This is news to me…


‘Not for operation’ LOL

Actually, as a game or entertainment simulator, the answer of IF is ‘YES!’. And I believe that fullfill majority people’s requirment of this game.

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Just like Jerry_C7 said , Infinite Flight is a good entertainment simulator in hand and it provides us a good environment to fly or control.

and Im glad to see you in IFC 😊 @Jerry_C7 .

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