How about Paris?

After reading this topic started by @Lare: Why is Paris region so inactive?, I have to say that, even though there aren’t many real life commercial routes (I found one of Easyjet between LFOB-LFPG), the region has many airfields (not talking about the military ones), which could be used by propeller aircraft, like the C208, C172, SR22 and others.
The military airfields could be used to recreate battles from WW2 with the Spitfires and Lightnings.
Adding to the points above, the region is as large as London, so there wouldn’t be any space constraints in that area.
Last time I saw it being used was in the A320 certification event.

What do you think guys, shouldn’t we give Paris some use?


I don’t have it purchased or unlocked, thus I feel quite comfortable with Paris’ inactivity ;).


Trouble is most people like regions with lots of passenger airports, which of course Paris lacks.

There are some good use cases here, but the mass of people needed to use the region will only be intererested in flying their ‘Trash Haulers’.


No one flys commercially between Beauvais and Charles de Gaulle.

I would fly the P-38 if the region is ever opened for an event.

Not very up-to-date.

That is actually wrong. LFOB-LFPG is closed by easyjet.

Do the Google.


Another unneccessary waste of fuel for a distance like that. Meh.

Come on, don´t be like that.

The only reason I would fly in Paris, if I had it, was for military flights.

But the only commercial route could be extended a bit, so as to reach more altitude.

In that case an EasyJet flight coming from Porto had been diverted to LFOB.

Nope. I checked. Destination was LFPG. Origin was LFOB.

The route shows it was LFOB-LFPG.

Anyways, guys, back on the topic of the Paris region.

No, I have to be like that.
I had a project year about global warming and made a documentary movie about how air traffic affects it.

I see absolutely no sense in operating an air route like that if you could easily take the train or car. With this distance, the drive is quickly done.

That’s why I’d also support global flight in IF :P . Sorry for sliding off-topic :c


The other reason is that Toulouse, Nice and some large airports isn’t in it

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MaxSez. DeGaul the worse field in Europa. Bypass it every time I go to Bavaria for some beer und brut. AirBerlin SWFla to Munich, spring and Oktoberfest annually.


I’d enjoy GA flying there if we had more coastline. The shape of the Parisian fields in IF are beautiful though, a welcome change to the boring mountain terrain we see absolutely everywhere. It looks much more realistic aswell.

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I am pretty sure IFATC opened Paris this morning…

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