How about a Canadian region

I think infinite flight goes next door to Canada

It would be cool to fly in Vancouver and Vancouver island or fly in the southern region of Alberta. Or go island hopping in the maritimes.

I think infinite flight should start to make Canadian regions for the experiences and the fun of new regions.It also could be fun for new types of events


Hey Nathan,
You aren’t new, please use the search button if you would like to see if anyone else has requested Canada regions before. I linked in the requested Canada regions, if you are suggesting something different than the above, please specify, otherwise just search next time;)

I am saying we should start to add some of these Canadian regions I’m not trying to tell you guys to add specific regions. I am telling you the different experiences that we could have in infinite flight if we had some Canadian regions to explore.

Oh so you are not requesting anything, I see, I was confused because you put this in the features category. You should probably add your input and possible experiences into the above threads.

Aren’t some Canadian cities available in the Seattle region?

No. The northernmost airport is KPAE which is over 80 Miles away from Vancouver

And Abbotsford too!

Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and Nanaimo!

It actually isn’t that big

The biggest they get is a WestJet 737

BC actually doesn’t have large airports other than really YVR. Well it might be a good thing to people who like mountain flying to go up to the whistler hills or the local mountains

Maybe a short southern stretch to Bellingham?

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Once they add the Q400, hopefully they add Air Canada and or Westjet. These are some of the biggest carriers with them. They fly locally around Southern BC from either YVR or YYJ (Victoria). If alaskan airlines gets added then there is the big YVR-SEA and or YYJ-SEA, YVR-PDX. depends how east they add it they could do Kelowna so YLW-SEA, YYJ-YLW, YLW-YVR. I think its a good add and you can do a lot with it. Shortening it to bellingham wouldn’t just simply do it.

This might be a good idea

Or a Alberta region and you can fly from Yeg-yyc