How a new device is changing the experience - corrected


I am playing with IF since a few years now, but that’s my first post here. Hope it will not be removed, sorry if I am not following some rules :-)

Just want to share my recent and past experiences

I started to play on IF with an Ipad model 2. Then for various reason I had to play with a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Mini (4 years old).

What is amazing in my opinion with IF is the divesity of interest in the game.
The first level of entertainement you get with the game is, I think for most of us, the fun to aviate a plane just rolling and turning a tablet. The feedback and plane reaction is carefully managed and is giving an incredible feeling of realism.
Second layer is AP. Qickly you want to understant what are all this button for and rapidly you see the benefit of them as handling the tablet for something else than doing a pattern on a runway is rapidly unconfortable.
Third layer is navigation, you realize that the planet is your playground and you want to explore more. You start to play with the map, you browse internet to find some nice place to fly, some tricky approaches…
Fourth level of fun is the live community. Interacting with other human pilot and ATC is changing and renewing the experience.

This multiple layers are happening, in my case, in a (infinite?) loop. Means that each layer of exploration is bringing a better level of control and self requirement that you need to complete with the next layer deeper exploration.

When you aviate better, you want to have a more realistic trajectory, you try to navigate more cautiously and reacting properly to other planes around you. Communicating propely to ATC is becoming more obvious. Individual Constraint as a lonely pilot is becoming shared pleasure between multiple live pilot and controllers.

The ultimate layer is about the landscape exploration. When climbing and cruising, you can really enjoy the beauty of our planet, captured by IF developer team, and the incredible scene view. I made a recent flight over Kilimandjaro just to enjoy the view there. Was amazing!

You will say “but what is this guy doing? Title is about device and is talking about IF experience…”
Well here is the link.
With 20.1, I decided to move to a new tablet as I was expecting that the next level of realism (SID, STAR, Center, enhanced Dynamic cokpit…) will need more engagement of the player and the device to be able to enjoy properly.

I thought for months on that and finally I have chosen an IPad Air 2019 64gb.
Well the gap is a leap. Each layer of fun I described is taking a new dimension with this new device.

I can now turn all graphic setting to the maxium level. Landscape ans scenic view are like “Whaowww”. Looking the landscape is becoming a part of the game like never before (then system is turning to “away mode” and you realize you spent the last 2 minutes just looking at the plane and the ground ). No lag or slowness is appearing even on crowdy airports.
I can now fly the plane using mostly the captain view. Instrument are perfectly readable , which was not the case on the previous devices (graphic level too low and screen to small). Pattern work is becoming less virtual, as I can now very quickly slide my view to follow the runway on my downwind ride and come back fast to the normal view. With previous device the lower graphic quality and the time needed to re-zoom in properly on the instrument was not making it possible.
Navigating experience is better as I can, with no slowness, jump from the map view with all data (airpsaces, fixes, approaches…) to the captain seat. Bigger screen is making fix selection and info reading much faster. The time to go from one screen to another is just like zero.
As a plus, I can use IF assistant without needing to “exit” IF and come back when done. I can basically drag the app in IF and drag it out when I don’t need it any more (basically to read my take off speeds). No need to “resume” the game all the time.
Then communication is as well faster. With older device (Samsung Android), I have a display bug when in captain view. The ATC window is flashing making the message selection impossible. I have to select another view, make my ATC com and come back to captain view. This is solved with new device. The audio has nothing to compare. the quality of the sound is way better with new device and the engine and com sound is much more realistic and confortable than what I was used to.

So in a nutshell, you will understand that changing the device is bringing a higher level of entertainement to all the layers of fun I just described.

I don’t want to make the branding of any device here. I am sure that other devices are able to provide the same end even better experience. Just want to let you know about my experience and feed your thought about the possible excitment gap you can do if you want (and have the possibility) to go for a newer device.
Huge thanks to IF team and to the ATC crew, Thank you for not punishing me last night when I screwed up on my approach on Kuala. I would have deserved it I think. Even a new tablet will nok make you smarter :-)

Have fun.


I agree with you! Even the app description says

Infinite Flight offers the most comprehensive flight simulation experience on mobile devices, whether you are a curious novice or a decorated pilot.

Source: App Store

You can just enter the app, select a random airport and start doing random things with an A380, or you can fly extremely realistic with a very elaborated flight plan, among a kind of realistic and professional environment with your friends!

It’s just amazing


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