How a Baby 757 is made!

I just found out how baby 757s are made. Its mother is a Airforce One 747-200. The baby is a boy!


Here we see the mother Air Force 1 accompanied by the baby Air Force 757. The baby stays close to the mother as it cannot defend itself against a380s yet. The mother keeps a wide eye for attackers and kills them on sight.


Hahahaha very funny

That’s our nature aviation lesson done. Any questions ?


LOL hahahahah that’s funny

This is not the first time I read such a yoke in the forum…

And it looks pretty much like you (the 757) ran into the 747’s tail…

Have a sense of humor @Laurens :P


What’s its name

Yes your right. I did run into the 747s tail. Are you part of an aircrash investigation team? NTSB maybe?

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Air Force 2
Its parents are so proud! :)

…and its minions, the F-22s.

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Brilliant post, very funny. Though I can imagine your frustration at that point. You must remember, baby is learning

Do they really give birth to 757s? The next thing you know, the A380 will have a320s coming out of it.