Has anyone ever tried to intentionally hover planes by adjusting the wind on solo? If so, what aircraft and where?
I did it in the dash 8 at KLAX
The fastest ground speed I did during the flight was 5 knts

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I Did it once at KROA with a The 172 I loved it until it crashed my game lol 😂

Hop in a GA plane, set the winds to 97 knots, turn into the wind, and hover
I’ve done it a lot. It’s really fun 😉

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Before the airport was fixed, there was this glitched airport(VOBI) which was like a giant trench. I usually went to solo to go on the Spitfire and hover to the top of the trench. The Spitfire flies like a helicopter when you have flaps down in heavy winds. There was also a landing challenge there in Casual Server a while back.

Check this out, I almost hovered my TBM naturally.

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