Hovering and flight time

Hello. I have been doing some hovering in the XCub with the hurricane winds and found that my flight time wasnt accumulating while in a hover.
It seems that while doing 10kts or under on GS, flight time does not accrue. (Not looking to get credited any flight time here)

Anyone else notice this? Maybe its part of the formula that does flight time…


Yeah I think your gs needs to be higher for it to count because I’ve noticed this before


You’re speed may have to be higher than the stall speed for the x cub?

What do you mean the hurricanes really gusty, if his speed wasn’t higher than the stall speed he’d stall

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No mate, he wouldn’t. When You’re in a hurricane and manage to counter-act the direction and speed, You actually float/hover.

He’s talking about ias not gs

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I’d assume this is to counteract sitting on a hill with gears up to get flight time

If youre sitting on a hill how you would get flight time? I assume you must have AGL reading above 1 ft at least to be considered airborne within the game.

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