Houston we have a problem

Hello IFC: Today I present another flying report. Today (yesterday for most people) I decided to get some R&R for myself and fly with my buddy who is a captain for a regional US Airline. The day started off early as I had a 3am wake up call and a 5am flight to Dallas. I landed at 615a and had to book it to the E concourse for my flight down to Houston. Today’s aircraft was N824AE, an E140. Since I knew the captain, he invited me up to the cockpit to watch him and his F/O get the plane ready for departure. Once that was done, I went to my seat and shortly after we took. The flights weren’t to bad as it was a quick turn in Houston and had continuous light chop both flights… that’s the good part…

Once we got back to DFW, my buddy and I had to catch rides back home, him going to Tulsa and myself going to Little Rock… well, as we were approaching the station, the skyline train had a technical difficulty and stopped, leaving us stranded and missing our flights. We were both frustrated but decided oh well and got some lunch. That was good and we ended up talking for 2 more hours before he went back to Tulsa and I had to somehow get my way to LR…
this is where problem 2 happened… everything was oversold and I didn’t stand a chance flying from Dallas to LR. So, I did the best next logical thing and fly to Chicago and then to Little Rock. Both flights were uneventful and I slept most of the Chicago to LR flight as I was tired.

Down below are some pictures of the day:

PDC clearance from DFW-HOU

In between layers at FL220 HOU-DFW

Southwest Boeing 737-700 taxing past us.


Very nice pictures 👌

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So the question is did you get to keep the PDC

I’d love to fly on an Embraer someday.

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Yep! F/O literally gave it to me and said here keep it.

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That’s awesome.

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